22 is an architecture studio based in Tirana, Albania. The studio specializes in architecture and interior design, implementing projects all over Albania and abroad.

22 provides innovative and superbly crafted designs at a diverse range of scales and brings an ultra-refined sensibility and attention to detail to projects ranging from individual micro apartments to entire buildings. Our approach is deeply influenced by curiosity and a love of thinking outside of the box, drawing, discourse, and of making. Our methods and capabilities are at the leading edge of design, analysis, manufacturing, and construction. We strive to produce exceptional experiences, and intriguing choreographed spaces that are unexpected, hyper-useful, intelligent, and full of delight.


Our goal is to set a consistent standard in the relationship between the designer, customer, and builder in accordance with applicable law. We try to give our contribution to improving the quality of design and, through it, the quality of life and doing business.


Our expertise extends across the design spectrum – architecture, planning, and interiors. We see these disciplines as inseparable and flow logically from each other.

The design of spaces is based on customer requirements and budget. Our knowledge of functionality, construction standards, materials, detailing, lighting, composition, volumes, colors, and textures are brought together to produce a detailed technical project, which has synchronized the structure, furniture, lighting, HV or AC system, electrical, mechanical, hydraulic installations, smart-home, etc.

Supervision of the project implementation is the process of contracting the contractors and suppliers by studying the bids based on the implementation project agreed upon in advance with the investor, managing and coordinating different contractors and suppliers based on the work calendar, as well as monitoring the implementation process, controlling the quality and reviewing the project in cases where it is necessary.

Overall, our work is project management, from design to final client acceptance ensuring smooth implementation within agreed budgets and timelines. Implemented projects are in the range of 50-100K €.


We believe that the success of any project is closely related to aesthetics and functionality, the economic aspect, as well as the constructive solution and selection of materials.

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